Contoh News Presenter, Dari Jogja

Lomba NEWS PRESENTER IONs Internatioal Education Pada Minggu 24 September 2017, lantai 3 jalan C.Simanjuntak 50 Yogyakarta. SD Muh. Purwosatu Yogya mengirimkan delegasinya sejumlah 3 anak dalam kompetisi bergengsi berbahasa inggris ini (vidio dibawah ini):




This morning we have news in educational come from Prambanan Temple located between Yogyakarta Special Province and Central Java Province.

This temple is the most well known   Hinduistic Temple in Indonesia and become  foreign and domestic tourist destination.

Live this morning! Wednesday, fifth of April,2017 .One hundred and twelve student  from Muhammadiyah Purwodiningratan 1 elementary  school visit this wellknown temple.

With eight teachers  as guides, they have outing class in this  temple that also wellknown with its Ramayana dance.

This activity can be held in cooperation between Muhammadiyah Purwodiningratan one Primary school and  Indonesian Goverment Heritage Institution.

All the students are facilitated with 3 buses as transportation, lunch, and many other heritage tour package.

Get more knowledge from Prambanan Temple lets focus on Muh.Rangga Dwiadmadja. PURWO TV reporter. live on the spot.


Thank you for reporting. Muh.Ranggah Dwi Admadja!

Now we get more stories and information after heritage tour in Prambanan Temple.

This heritage tour send us  an important massage.”Save and protect our heritage! A Legacy from the past for the future”

Lets support heritage conservation and preservation.

I am Magenta Ayu Dianingtyas. Purwo TV. Thank you for watching us.




Hallo everybody, welcome back with IONs TV. I am Nyananda Aryanti Cahayaningtyas

This time we would like to give you the latest information in the world of kids presenter.

Newscaster still become kids dream in Yogyakarta

The enthusiasm found in the news caster competition held by IONs International Education.

This event  held in IONs Building first floor on  C.Simanjuntak Street number 50 Yogyakarta.

On Sunday, twenty fourth of September 2017 (two thousand seventeen), ten participants give their best performance as if they were professional news caster.

This competition can be held in cooperation between IONs TV and yogyakarta education institutions mainly in elementary school level.

Members of the jury admit that a lot of participants have good talent in presenting  TV news.

Meanwhile the participants also get exciting experience.

Now, let’s watch live reporting from IONs building, location of the competition.

With Magenta Ayu Dianingtyas ……………………………

Thank you Magenta for the report.

Wow, unbelievable.. Amazing! How attractive Indonesian children perform in the competition are.

Technology gives huge influence, and updated information is very important.

IONs International concerns about this issue. So that becomes the background why this event held.

So…interested in kids presenter? Let’s join IONs International education.⁠⁠⁠⁠

That’s the latest news this day. See you in again in the next news.




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